HEATED Park Takeover vs TRASH TALKERS Got CRAZY! "UR Here To WATCH ME" Ballislife vs Sh*T Talkers!

Our Ballislife East Coast squad pulled up to Lost Lake Park in Claremont, FL which is A-Milly's hometown. This was the biggest crowd yet to the point the police had to come and monitor the park and stop more people from coming into the park. The whole squad showed out once again A-Milly (Austin Mills), Zach Hodskins (One Armed Hooper), Nick Briz, D'Vontay Friga, Slim Reaper and Jordan Southerland all did their thing!

Huge shoutout to the squad as well as D'Vontay.

Make sure to check out his latest podcast episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIFt6S9vYes
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