Hezi God vs Trevor Dunbar 1v1 Got SPICY!! Iso Hov vs Hezi God Was LIT! KOTC Week 5 Re-cap!

Players in this post:
Cezar Guerrero

WATCH THE FULL 1v1 FOR FREE AT: at https://bit.ly/3q1dFtj

Week 5 recap of our 1v1 Tournament "King Of The Court". Hezi God, Trevor Dunbar and Iso Hov faced off in the most EPIC week yet! The tournament airs every Wednesday at 6 PM PST exclusively at https://bit.ly/3q1dFtj

This Wednesday 8/24 is SQUAD week!! We got Clamp God vs Cezar Guerrero vs Iso Hov! Tune in Wednesday at 6 PM PST live ONLY on Caffine at https://bit.ly/3q1dFtj


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