High-jumper Mutaz Essa Barshim could hit his head, shoulders & nevermind on the rim


Watch out Gerald Green, we have found somebody who can challenge you in a “smash parts of your body on the rim” contest and his name is Mutaz Essa Barshim.  Barshim is a high-jumper capable of jumping 2.43 meters high! Just look at the incredible photoshopped pic from Trent Stellingwerff above and you can see that if Barshim wanted, he could hit his head, shoulders and even his…nevermind…on the rim.

Now somebody put a ball in this guys hand and see what type of dunks he can do.  But before you get carried away and say he’s going to do better dunks than Gerald Green and pro dunkers you see on YouTube, keep in mind that just because you have the hops doesn’t mean you have the coordination and ability to do crazy dunks. Do you remember track star Mike Conley and Powell’s dunk off in the 92 Foot Locker dunk contest.  Conley could dunk from the free throw line with 2 hands but his dunks weren’t that great looking.

But then there’s guys like former UCLA track star Jonathan Clark who can get his entire head over the rim and throw down some pretty amazing dunks that could easily win a NBA dunk contest.

Then again, considering how screwed up the NBA dunk contest is, even dunkers like this guy and James “Flight” White can lose.

Here’s video proof of Barshim’s hops.

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