High School player gets dunked on and limps off the court

Yesterday, we posted a hilarious home video spoof  of LeBron as a kid playing in his front yard while being recorded with a 90s video recorder. Here’s a legit old video with a recording on probably EP (8 hours of crappy footage on a VHS tape – C’mon don’t be cheap and put the setting on SP) of a kid with a pretty weak dunk that still manages to injure a defender, who had to limp off the court.

What makes the video so amusing is the description by the uploader (Josh Strain).

I (Josh Strain) see the open lane and drive for the one handed jam, but unfortunately someone tries to block me!? Needless to say I posterize and INJURE the kid and get an and 1 (which I made), while he limps to the bench to lick his wounds and regain his pride (impossible).


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