Hilarious NBA Finals Preview For The Next 30 Years

A lot of people are having “NBA Finals fatigue” from seeing the Warriors and Cavs face off for a championship every year. When asked about those complaints, LeBron said, “Teams have had the opportunity to beat the Cavs and Warriors over the last four years. If you want to see somebody else in the postseason, then you got to beat them.”

As long as the Warriors have their “death lineup” and continue to add more talent, we will probably be seeing them in June for the next few years. As long as LeBron doesn’t take his talents to Hollywood or H-Town, I believe will be seeing LeBron carry an Eastern team to the finals for a 9th, 10th and so on time.

Bleacher Report feels the same way and came up with this brilliant and hilarious video previewing the NBA Finals for the next 30 years.

Can the Big 3 of Ben Simmons, Riley Curry and Donovan Mitchell beat a LeBron clone, RoboLeBron AND LeBron James Jr?