Hilarious NBA Jam Version of Kobe’s Horrible Shooting Performance Vs the Nuggets

Usually when a player gets the NBA Jam treatment it’s because they were on fire (See Klay Thompson’s 37 point quarter) or had a career game (See Gerald Green’s 41 point game). Not in this case.

The Cauldron put together this pretty hilarious video of Kobe’s recent 4 of 11 performance against the Nuggets. Now, 4 of 11 doesn’t sound that bad but considering he was 1 of 5 from downtown and a few of those were airballs, I think the video was justified for the player who thinks he “sucks” right now.

Here’s a few of the funny lines in the video after Kobe’s misses.

  • From downtown. What was that?
  • Bryant. WTF!
  • From outside, at least he’s not hurt!
  • He should retire.
  • Oh my, what a great contract!