Hilarious Russell Westbrook Impersonation Gets Westbrook's Approval

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Russell Westbrook

Back in May we featured a hilarious video of Twitter user @BDotAdot5 doing his best impersonation of LeBron going "coast to coast" and dunking.  BDot is back with an even funnier impersonation and this time the target is Russell Westbrook. The impersonation was so funny and dead-on that even Russell Westbrook replied to him with a "Lol hahahahaha" RT approval.

Here's a compilation of some of BDot's best NBA impersonations and a video we love called "When Ball Is Life....but you TRASH."

Update: OK, now this is just surreal and awesome in the most awesome of ways. Loud Genius posted a video of BDot reading this post, which causes him to start dancing while I observe everything in the background as if I'm planning on robbing the place when he leaves for out of town (I see a suitcase by the door).