Buck’s John Henson hits a skyhook vs the TWolves | History of the Skyhook

The skyhook is considered the most unstoppable shot in NBA history. That’s mainly because of the unstoppable player that made it famous, not because every player that has used it had great success. Kareem Abdul Jabbar was that player and although he didn’t invent the move — credited to George Mikan and Cliff Hagan — he is synonymous with it, thanks to Milwaukee Bucks announcer Eddie Doucette, who gave Kareem’s go to move it’s name during his Bucks’ days.

We can probably count on our hands how many times we have seen a non-Laker make a skyhook in the decades since Kareem’s days in Milwaukee, but last night, Milwaukee Buck John Henson pulled out the move and did his best Kareem impersonation. Henson finished with 16 points on 8 for 12 shooting.

Kareem on trying to defend the skyhook

“I don’t recall it ever being blocked by somebody who was guarding me,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “Maybe a few people got to it, coming to help where I couldn’t see them, but if I knew where someone was, that person was not going to block that shot, because I always got my body in between them and the ball before I released the ball, and it’s impossible to get to it. Manute Bol was [five] inches taller than me and I shot a number of them on him and made them without him blocking it.

“Nobody really presented a challenge to me getting it off. Wilt [Chamberlain] was pretty good, too. Wilt tried to time it and he could really leap, but he just couldn’t get there in time.”

“I used it to become the leading scorer in the history of the NBA. There has to be something about it that works.”

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