Hobbled David West Bumps Steph Curry & Pushes Staff Member Out Of His Way

I'm not laughing at David West's pain because it's never funny to see a player hurting. BUT, this clip of him hobbling back to the locker room while bumping, moving and scaring every person in his path is a little on the funny side.

The first person to feel his pain and cause me to laugh was Steph Curry, who got bumped after a low-five. Curry turning around in confusion is as priceless as Joakim Noah looking pissed at Tony Snell for not giving him a chest bump (bottom of post).


LOL #2

The next person West moved out of his way was a staff member who was just trying to pick up some water cups before getting a light shove in the back.


LOL #3

Another staff member picking up a water bottle was smart enough to slide out of the way when he saw West coming. Also worth noting is the lovely Rosalyn Gold-Onwude cameo.


LOL #4

The girl sitting behind the last guy with the KD jersey also looked a little terrified after witnessing one of the toughest players in the league do all of the above.


All jokes aside, West has a right hip contusion, MRI is coming on Friday, he's questionable for their next game on Saturday but the injury shouldn't stop him from throwing elbows at people (last joke, I promise) when he gets back.

And here's the mentioned LOL throwback with Noah and Snell; Noah also looked this way after losing to the Warriors on this night while keeping Steph Curry under 10 points.