McDonald's All-American Game

In 1977, Bob Geoghan expanded on his Capital Classic concept by pitching a national all-star game concept to local McDonald's corporate executives. That season, 15 players were named McDonald's All Americans, with 12 national players forming the U.S. team with three local products added to the DMV team with the first annual East vs. West All-American game (apart from the Capital Classic) taking place in 1978 at the Spectrum in Philadelphia and continuing today.

All-American Game

Est. 1978

number of nba players702
number of nba players per year15.6

Notable Players

number of lotto picks438
number of lotto picks per year9.73
    2022EastWest105-81 EastDariq Whitehead13p 7r 7aAshlyn WatkinsKeyonte George/Ashlon Jackson
    2019EastWest115-100 EastCole Anthony14p 5r 7aFran BelibiCole Anthony
    2018EastWest131-128 WestNassir Little28p 5rZion WilliamsonImmanuel Quickley/Cam Reddish
    2017EastWest109-107 WestMichael Porter Jr17p 8rColin SextonTrae Young
    2016EastWest114-107 WestJosh Jackson
    Frank Jackson
    19p 4r 3aFrank JacksonMalik Monk
    2015EastWest111-91 EastCheick Diallo18p 10rDwayne BaconLuke Kennard
    2014EastWest105-102 WestJahlil Okafor
    Justin Jackson
    17p 7rGrayson AllenJames Blackmon Jr
    2013EastWest110-99 WestAaron Gordon24p 8rChris WalkerNigel Williams-Goss
    2012EastWest106-102 WestShabazz Muhammad21p 6rShabazz MuhammadRasheed Sulaimon
    2011EastWest111-96 EastMichael Kidd-Gilchrist
    James Michael McAdoo
    16p 12r 4a
    17p 2s
    LeBryan NashKyle Wiltjer
    2010EastWest107-104 WestHarrison Barnes
    Jared Sullinger
    18p 5rJosh SelbyCory Joseph
    2009EastWest113-110 EastDerrick Favors19p 8rAvery BradleyRyan Kelly
    2008EastWest107-102 EastTyreke Evans21p 10r 4aDeMar DeRozanLarry Drew II
    2007EastWest114-112 WestMichael Beasley23p 12rBlake GriffinChris Wright
    2006EastWest112-94 WestChase Budinger
    Kevin Durant
    11p 3r 4a
    25p 5r 4a
    Gerald HendersonWayne Ellington
    2005EastWest115-110 EastJosh McRoberts17p 12rGerald GreenMario Chalmers
    2004EastWest126-96 EastDwight Howard
    JR Smith
    19p 8r
    25p 4r 5a
    Candace ParkerDarius Washington Jr.
    2003EastWest122-107LeBron James27p 7r 7aLeBron JamesMichael Jones
    2002EastWest138-107 EastJJ Redick26pCarmelo AnthonyJJ Redick
    2001EastWest131-125 WestEddy Curry28pDavid LeeMo Williams
    2000EastWest146-120 WestZach Randolph23p 15rDeShawn StevensonChris Duhon
    1999EastWest141-128 WestJonathan Bender31p 10rDonnell HarveyJason Kapono
    1998EastWest128-112 EastRonald Curry19p 13r 9aRonald CurryTeddy Dupay
    1997EastWest94-81 EastKenny Gregory18p Baron DavisShane Battier
    1996EastWest120-105 EastShaheen Holloway7p 8a 6sLester EarlNate James
    1995EastWest126-115 WestKevin Garnett18p 11r 4a 3bVince CarterLouis Bullock
    1994EastWest112-110 EastFelipe Lopez24pRicky PriceTrajan Langdon
    1993EastWest105-95 EastJacque Vaughn
    Jerry Stackhouse
    Jerry StackhouseChris Kingsbury
    1992EastWest100-85 WestOthella Harrington19p 21rCarlos StrongChris Collins
    1991EastWest108-106 WestChris Webber
    Rick Brunson
    28p 12r
    19p 7r 6a
    Jimmy KingSharone Wright
    1990EastWest115-104 EastShawn Bradley
    Khalid Reeves
    12p 10r 6b
    22p 10s
    Darrin HancockAdrian Autry
    1989EastWest112-103 WestShaquille O'Neal
    Bobby Hurley
    18p 16r 6b
    James RobinsonPat Graham
    1988EastWest105-99 EastAlonzo Mourning
    Billy Owens
    10p 14r
    Matt Steigenga
    1987EastWest118-110 EastMark Macon14pJerome Harmon
    1986EastWest104-101 EastJR Reid23p 8r
    1985EastWest128-98 EastWalker Lambiotte24p
    1984EastWest131-106 WestJohn Williams27p 16r
    1983EastWest115-113 WestWinston Bennett
    Dwayne Washington
    11p 8a
    1982EastWest103-84 WestEfrem Winters19p
    1981EastWest96-95 EastAdrian Branch
    Aubrey Sherrod
    1980EastWest135-111 WestRussell Cross20p
    1979EastWest106-105 EastDarren Daye22p 14r
    1978EastWest94-86 WestRudy Woods13p 16r
    31Jonathan Bender, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1999
    30Michael Jordan, McDonald’s A-A/East, 1981
    28Chris Webber, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1991
    28Paul Pierce, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1995
    28Eddy Curry, McDonald’s A-A/West, 2001
    28Nassir Little, McDonald’s A-A/West, 2018
    Field Goals Made
    14Chris Webber, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1991 (14/19)
    13Michael Jordan, McDonald’s A-A/East, 1981 (13/19)
    13John Williams, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1984 (13/22)
    13Jonathan Bender, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1999 (13/22)
    13Jordan Brown, McDonald’s A-A/West, 2018 (13/22)
    Field Goal Attempts
    27Jay Williams, McDonald’s A-A/East, 1999 (11/27)
    26Keith Bogans, McDonald’s A-A/East, 1999 (10/26)
    Free Throw Attempts
    15Russell Cross, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1980 (12/15)
    3-Pointers Made
    6Gerald Green, McDonald’s A-A/East, 2005 (6/9)
    5J.J. Reddick, McDonald’s A-A/East, 2002 (5/6)
    5J.R. Smith, McDonald’s A-A/East, 2004 (5/11)
    5Daequan Cook, McDonald’s A-A/West, 2006 (5/9)
    5Frank Jackson, McDonald’s A-A/West, 2016 (5/7)
    3-Pointers Attempted
    11J.R. Smith, McDonald’s A-A/East, 2004 (5/11)
    24Sam Perkins, McDonald’s A-A/East, 1980
    21Othella Harrington, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1992
    16Rudy Woods, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1978
    16Dallas Comegys, McDonald’s A-A/East, 1983
    16John Williams, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1984
    16Shaquille O’Neal, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1989
    15Teddy Grubbs, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1979
    15Derrick Coleman, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1986
    15Zach Randolph, McDonald’s A-A/West, 2000
    13Vacque Vaughn, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1993
    13Lonzo Ball, McDonald’s A-A/West, 2016
    12Andre Barrett, McDonald’s A-A/East, 2000
    12Erick Barkley, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1998
    Blocked Shots
    10Ralph Sampson, McDonald’s A-A/East, 1979
    6Shaquille O’Neal, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1989
    6Shawn Bradley, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1989
    6Khem Birch, McDonald’s A-A/West, 2011
    5Dallas Comegys, McDonald’s A-A/East, 1983
    5Dwayne Schintzius, McDonald’s A-A/West, 1986
    5Kwame Brown, McDonald’s A-A/East, 2001
    10Khalid Reeves, McDonald’s A-A/East, 1990
    7Jordan Farmar, McDonald’s A-A/West, 2004
    6Michael Jordan, McDonald’s A-A/East, 1981
    6Dell Curry, McDonald’s A-A/East, 1982
    6Shaheen Holloway, McDonald’s A-A/East, 1996