Hoodie Amir Killing Jahlil Okafor & Joel Embiid In A 3-Point Shooting Drill

Let me first say I’m not trying to pick on the 76ers — my third favorite team in the league right now. When I shared the above video of the 76ers struggling to hit a shot (even a freaking layup), a lot of people replied with comments about how much Philly is going to suck this year. Saying they are going to suck just because of a selected clip of 4o seconds of awful shooting is the equivalent of saying a player is going to have a great season because of a clip of them knocking down shots for 40 seconds; I can recall plenty of clips of guys scoring like Michael Jordan in practice and then watching them score like DeAndre Jordan once the season started.

With all that said, here’s a minute long clip of Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor, Richaun Holmes and Amir Johnson taking threes in practice.

[twit id=”913216631375060992″]

If we are going to jump to extreme conclusions from this clip, Hoodie Amir needs to be in the 3-point contest, Joel Embiid has no outside shot and Jahill Okafor — should never shoot the ball again. FYI: Amir made 27 of 66 threes (41%) last season after making a total of nine threes in his first eight seasons; Embiid made 36 of 98 (37%) of threes last season, including a four for four game; Okafor is one for six from three in his first two seasons in the league while making 51% of his field goals, so maybe he should stick to the paint.

Now let’s enjoy watching every three by Embiid last season.