JR Smith Explains The Difference Between Carmelo Anthony & “Hoodie Melo”

By know you have probably seen a few clips from the Academy Basketball pick-up games — titled “Blackout Session” — set up by “NBA Workout Guru” Chirs Brickley, featuring LeBron, Kevin Durant, Lance Stephenson, Enes Kanter, JR Smith and favorite character of the summer, “Hoodie Melo.”

On Thursday, at JR Smith’s annual golf classic in New Jersey, the lovely Taylor Rooks caught up with Carmelo’s former (possible future) teammate and asked, “What is the legend of Hoodie Melo? Is Hoodie Melo better than regular Melo?”

Smith cracked up and said, “Hoodie Melo doesn’t play with a conscience. I prefer Hoodie Melo.”