Streetball legend Hot Sauce & Lil Sizz – Like Father Like Son

Philip Champion, better known as Hot Sauce to the basketball community, is probably one of the three most recognized “streetballers” of all-time and for the past 12 years he’s been breaking ankles and inspiring kids and ballers across the world with his ground breaking moves and events via And1 & Court Kingz.

It all goes back to February of 2001, when And1 followed up the disappointing  And1 Mixtape Vol2 with the landmark Volume 3 that introduced the world to Hot Sauce and streetball to the masses.  Soon after the release of the free VHS tape, Streetball was a TV show on ESPN, And1 was touring the United States and kids were even playing with their favorite streetballers on gaming systems.

Since then the popularity of streetball has faced it’s ups and downs and many of the original popular faces and names on the original mixtapes are as relevant as the technology they were featured on but Sauce is still here. Still everywhere.  In the US and overseas and he wants the world to know that he’s not only relevant but he’s “the greatest streetball player in the world.”

In this latest (conceptually ambitious) video/film by Court Kingz, Hot Sauce takes on challengers and introduces us to his little man “Lil Sizz” who he says will be taking the crown one day.

Check out the following videos of Hot Sauce and Lil Sizz and it’s pretty obvious this is a case of “Like Father Like Son.”

Also be on the lookout for upcoming events with the Court Kingz





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