Hot Sauce's Top 10 Crossovers + Full Movie

When the And1 Mixtape Vol. 3 VHS dropped back in 2000 at Foot Action stores, the biggest story was the new guy showing off handles and moves the world has never seen before. Even NBA players were talking about the ankle-breaking streetballer named Philip Champion aka Hot Sauce aka Sizzerman aka Hot Sizzle. His memorable crossover was so deadly, he even got a starring role in the not so memorable film (OK, absolutely horrible film) Crossover.

Don't think I'm alone on hating this film because it's currently ranked #11 on the IMDB worst films of all-time. So if you enjoy Hot Sauce and streetball moves, I suggest you watch this 80 minute movie about Philip Champion by Albrto Entertainment instead.



Ballislife | And 1 Hot Sauce Ad


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