“Hottest” Dunk Pics Ever: Chris Staples Is Still Dunking Over Sexy Women


When I hear the name Chris Staples and the location Venice Beach, two things pop in my head: great dunks and great ba donk a donks.

The pic above is from this past weekend’s Ron Beals Day event at Venice and features the Harlem Globetrotter taking flight over 3 women – did you even notice the dunker? Yeah, well that’s Chris Staples the high-flying Harlem Globetrotter.

Last summer at the VBL, he and Globie teammate Tammy Brawner posed for this awesome photo.


In 2013, Staples pulled off this dunk over a women in a tight red dress.


But none of those pics compete with what I still consider the most beautiful dunk photo(s) of all-time.


If the last pic didn’t make me jealous enough, Staples also got to meet Rosario Dawson at an airport.


Well, at least I can say I also own that Ballislife Lifestyle T-shirt.  And don’t tell me the Daredevil star isn’t hot because of this pic.  If you feel that way then watch the following video and let me know if you still feel the same way.

Back to Staples, here’s another look at the dunk attempt from this past weekend.


He didn’t make it but if you want to see him make a bunch of other ridiculous dunks then check out this Dunkademics mix of the guy who owns the “hottest dunk pics” ever.