HOUSTON We Have a PROBLEM! Damyean Dotson NBA Draft Workout Session! Unexpected Steal In The Draft?

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Damyean Dotson

Damyean Dotson is not one of the popular names you’ll hear related to this year’s NBA Draft but he’s one you should keep an eye out for. He played four years of college ball starting at Oregon where he got Pac 12 All Freshmen honors and then transferred to Houston for the following three years. He’s a 6’5″ and some change, weighs 205 lbs and is very athletic giving him all the necessary phsyical tools to be an NBA SG. He’s also got potential to be a great lock down defender but his biggest strength is his three point shooting ability. He shot 44% from the 3 in his final year at Houston and is one of the deadliest shooters in this draft.