(SKETCH) How LeBron Was After 33 Point Loss in GM2 by SupremeDreams

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LeBron James

Only three teams in NBA Finals history have come back from an 0-2 series deficit; If LeBron wants to win a ring this season, the Cavs will have to become number four (stop laughing) after getting killed in game 2 by 33 points.

Like last season’s NBA finals, LeBron was once again a one-man show (19/8/9) and after the beat down he received from the Warriors and verbal beat down he probably gave teammates (@SupremeDreams_1 video above), he calmly talked about the loss to the media and took much of the blame.

“They just beat us,” LeBron James said. “We didn’t win anything. No points of the game did we beat them in anything.”