HS Basketball Coach Loses It After The Winning Coach Told His Players Not To Shake Hands After The Game

After a hard foul by a Wilson High School player late in a playoff win for Midland Valley, Midland head coach Mark Snelgrove decided it wasn't a good idea for his players to participate in a post-game hand shake with the opposing team. That decision set off the assistant coach for Wilson.

Via WPDE.com

"Our guys were agitated about the tackle and everything. I got a couple of guys who might say something too. It was just better, I thought it was better to just clear out of here and don't let it get worse. But then, it got worse," said Snelgrove.

He said moments later he was approached by Coach (Frank) Williams.

"So, that one particular guy started coming toward me, and calling me a sorry coach, I was a terrible coach got a little irritated. And the only thing I said was, "Well, maybe, but we beat you two years in a row," and then he went ballistic."

According to Facebook user Renee Ruth, the video above doesn't tell the whole story or show how hostile the environment was.

What you did not see was a throwing of water on to the Wilson cheerleaders by students as well as parents of the other team. You cannot hear the Wilson players being called the N word by the Aiken and coach. There's a lot of this video that was not showed so if they're going to show anything it needs to be the entire footage what led to his behavior being in right or wrong. Both coaches were wrong but every action causes a reaction

Here's what another FB user in attendance had to say about the event.

I was at the game & saw the tackle by the WHS kid! As an alum I was disappointed in the way FW handled things. I'm not sure of what was said between coaches but he could have handled himself better. Of course I was rooting for my school but plain & simple we didn't win! I will say possibly part of the problem with the game was that it was poorly officiated on both sides! It was 3 refs with the eyesight of Stevie Wonder out there. But that still doesn't call for Frank loosing his cool. Should be fired...no! Reprimanded by the league...yes!

It wasn't that serious as no punches were thrown. It was a heated exchange & I know Frank & he made a mistake. To all of those who wish to bash WHS, feel free to do so! The lesson learned is setting an example in good sportsmanship. The young fella who tackled the MV kid was actually trying to foul him & IMO he was trying to stop him! Not hurt him at all but by the looks of it, feel free to draw your own conclusion. Great season Tigers...just make this a teachable moment & move on ! Show humility & class moving forward!

Source: WPDE