Amazing ending to HS championship game | Losing team helps player on opposing team with Autism score

The last thing you expect from a player on a team that’s about to lose by 25 points is for that player to help a player on the winning team score a basket.  Not only did a player from Desert Chapel allow a player on Trinity Classical to score, he assisted him on 3 attempts until that player scored.

You would then expect the losing player to be punished by his coach and teammates but instead he was congratulated for such a great act of showmanship.  The player he helped score was Beau Howell, a freshman with autism that is the inspiration for the Trinity Classical team.  He missed 2 wide open shots with less than a minute to go before the Desert Chapel player helped him score his first points of the season in the CIF Southern Section D-VI basketball championship.

You got to love stories like this.


Source: Bleacher Report

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