HS senior asks Dwyane Wade to prom / Wade is flattered

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Dwyane Wade Juwan Howard

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Archibishop Coleman Carroll High School senior Nicole Muxo put out a YouTube video 4 days ago asking her favorite player, Dwyane Wade, to the senior prom.  Wade hasn’t seen the video yet but was told about it  yesterday in an interview.  He didn’t give an official Yes or No but did say he was “flattered.”

Eventhough the prom is in Wade’s backyard I’m pretty sure it’s going to be tough for him to put it in his schedule.   I’m hoping he says Yes or atleast gives her a direct response so hopefully this post will help accomplish one of those.

Maybe another Heat member, like Juwan Howard, will be free since he doesn’t have to worry about playing many minutes although at his age she would probably prefer if he was the limo driver as opposed to the date.

So let’s find Nicole a date. She’s cute and likes basketball.  What more can you ask for?





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