Hundreds Of Greeks in Cleveland Serenade Giannis Antetokounmpo After His 40 Point Performance vs LeBron

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If you attend a home Lakers game, you will see a line of individuals gathering near the home team’s tunnel, hoping to get a photo or autograph of LaVar Ball because he’s a trending celebrity. That line will probably get shorter throughout the season and definitely over the years.

Over in Milwaukee, you will see something similar but you can bet that line full of Bucks fans and proud Greeks will get longer and longer as Giannis Antetokounmpo’s well-deserved popularity continues to grow as his game continues to improve and possibly reach the levels of a LeBron James.

On Tuesday, after the Bucks loss to LeBron and the Cavs IN Cleveland, hundreds of Greek fans waited in the lower bowl of the arena for the Greek Freak, then serenaded him when he came out to greet his fans, sign autographs for the kids and take selfies.

There’s a great moment in this video around the five minute mark, when a fan asked him taking Kobe Bryant’s challenge and winning MVP. Giannis replied, “We got to win as a team for that.”

It’s easy to see why he’s so loved by the people of Milwaukee, especially his Greek fans.

It’s also easy to see why general basketball fans and fantasy basketball owners (and Nike, who just signed him to a long term contract) love him too. Earlier in the night, he scored 40 points on 16-of-21 shooting, grabbed nine boards and blocked four shots, including one on LeBron. The exceptional performance against the best player in the league was bitter sweet since it ended early when he fouled out (first time this season) in the final minute of the game, which also saw him turn the ball over a season-high eight times (he had 10 total over his last three games).


As for the biggest freak in the league, LeBron James, much has been made of his social media posts over the past 24 hours. When asked about them after this game, he just said, “I like Arthur” with a shrug.

I’ve seen a few websites trying to make sense of what his collage of photos with the Arthur meme means. I can’t tell you exactly why he posted it but I’m the one who made the image and I made it just as a visual joke. I’m assuming he reposted it because he thought it was amusing and because he “likes Arthur.”