I Think We Have Footage of The Suns’ Sonny Weems Tearing Down a Rim In Practice

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Nenad Krstić Clarence Weems

It’s been 2 years since we featured high flying Sonny Weems on Ballislife. But it wasn’t because he just won another dunk contest in Lithuania or because he threw down a between the legs dunk in a game.  It was because he was chilling in a hot tub with some hot women in a Papa John’s Pizza commercial co-starring (shot) blocker Nenad Kristic.

Well, good news is Sonny is back on Ballislife and back in the league as a member of the Phoenix Suns.  And on Tuesday the Suns released some (cell phone?!) footage of the NCAA dunk contest champ supposedly breaking a rim in practice.  Here’s the video – which looks worse than a 20 year VHS tape dubbed over 20 times in EP mode – showing a figure dunking and I guess “ripping down the rim.”

I feel like the guys in Django Unchained trying to see through the poorly cut holes in their mask.  Anyways, if you want to see some better footage of Sonny dunking then check out the following clips and hopefully it wont be long until we get some HD clips of Sonny dunking in a Suns uniform.