Ice Cube Challenges LaVar Ball, Will Buy 10 Pairs of BBB Shoes If Ball Can Hit A Big3 4-Point Shot

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One of the most interesting things about the upcoming Big 3 league is the 4-point shot. On Tuesday, at the Big 3 combine, Big 3 founder Ice Cube hit the 30-foot shot then challenged Big Baller Brand founder LaVar Ball to do the same. If Ball can hit it, Cube will buy 10 pairs of the $500+ Lonzo Ball shoes.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the father of potential Lakers lotto pick Lonzo Ball accept the challenge from the longtime fan of the Lakers. I also wouldn't be surprised to see LaVar challenge the Don Dada to challenge his son, Lonzo, who did a song with DC The Don, to a freestyle battle. Or how about the Ball Bros vs one of the Big 3 teams? Who wouldn't want to watch LaMelo, LiAngelo and Lonzo play against 3-Headed Monsters with Jason Williams, Kwame Brown and Mahmoud Abdul Rauf while LaVar and Gary Payton yell at each other? Unfortunately, that can't happen.

But the rap battle? In case you missed it, here's Lonzo's freestyle over Drake's 'Free Smoke.'

In case you missed it (27 years ago), here's Ice Cube rapping over a bunch of hip-hop beats in one of my favorite Cube songs.


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