ICUMI: Draymond Green Almost Kicked Tony Parker During The Warriors Season Opener

Lost in all the buzz about Kevin Durant’s debut and the Spurs handing the Warriors a 29 point beatdown on Tuesday was another instance of Draymond Green almost kicking a player!

The instance came midway through the 2nd quarter, when Green got tangled up with Tony Parker, then kicked his leg up to try to sell a foul. Although it didn’t seem like there was any harmful intent by Green, it’s just mind-boggling that he can’t keep his legs down after all of the controversy and damage that was done because of this dangerous habit. It’s also just a matter of time until this habit leads to a physical altercation; just last week, Green and Portland’s Allen Crabbe had to be separated after a Green kick.

Green’s habit also provided an amusing moment at the 2:30 mark of this funny Bleacher Report video about the Warriors.


Another amusing story you might have missed last night, which is related to Green, is his mother getting pissed on Twitter about the Warriors’ energy and use of Draymond.