If you don’t know who your Dad is then Metta World Peace might be your father

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Shawn Kemp Ron Artest Wilt Chamberlain


I have the greatest Dad in the world and just about everybody with a dad, biological or step, with a father that was willing to put a roof over your head, food in your mouth and support you throughout the years should feel the same about their dad.  But Kevin Kristiansen doesn’t feel that way and for some reason wishes Metta World Peace was his dad.

I’ll admit the idea is entertaining, if I had to have a substitute Dad, but what’s really entertaining is that there’s a possibility he just might be the son of the player formerly known as Ron Artest… well, according to Metta and what year he was born in.

If by chance he’s too old to be Metta’s kid there’s always the chance that he belongs to Shawn Kemp and if he’s too old for Kemp then maybe Wilt.

Besides the fact that Metta is the one of the most interesting characters in NBA history, how cool would it be to have a Dad that would read you bedtime stories from his own published Bedtime story book!


I’m just glad Metta responded in a polite way and didn’t call the Twitter user a “glazed donut face ass” like Melo.


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