If You Love Steph Curry’s Game Then You Should Love This Nick Van Exel Video

If Steph Curry was a movie on Netflix, then here’s a couple of movies that would be listed in the “Because You Watched This” recommendation area: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf’s Unappreciated First Half of the 95/95 Season and Nick Van Exel: Unguardable, Clutch & Must See TV.  When he was on, Rauf’s shot selection was closer to what we see from Curry. But if you want to see ankle breakers, flashy assists and SMH worthy clutch shots and game winners, then you have to go with former Lakers (and Warriors) point guard and current Texas Legends coach Nick Van Exel(ent).

I made a few mixes of Nick The Quick over a decade ago (below) just using VHS footage I recorded during the 90s but always wished I had access to the NBA video archive to make a mix that would really do him justice.  Thankfully, the D-League just released an awesome video that does do him justice.

Now we just need more testimonials from teammates and opponents about how special he really was.  Here’s one from former Laker Tierre Brown after he watched the above video.

My dude could’ve been of one the greats, if he wanted it. I’ve never played against a more talented/gifted PG(offensively). And I’ve played against some that’s going in the HOF. They couldn’t FK with this boy, period. He had it all bruh. Shit was barely legal. I Swear. The biggest measuring stick I had in college, was playing against Nick Vanexel while still in college. CRAZY!! That’s when Houston offseason basketball was 2nd to NONE.

 And here’s a couple of those mixes from my VHS archives showcasing how exciting the mid to late 90s Lakers were with Van Exel.