Iggy Azalea Takes A Funny Jab at Nick Young During An Interview “Did you see last season?”

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Nick Young

There’s a couple of rewind that moments in this Hamish and Andy interview with Iggy Azalea…in a library.  The first is when Iggy reveals that Nick bought her a $700k ring and that he didn’t know what she meant when she said “I’m wearing $700k worth of jewelry.”

The 2nd part is her imitation of him “drunkenly” proposing to her.

The 3rd and by far best part is when they asked about him playing in the Drew League by saying “does he need to practice that bad” and she jokingly says “He does. Did you see last season.”

Now this is the part where I’m supposed to insert a Shaqtin’ A Fool entry from Swaggy P but because I’m a fan (and because I might see him next Friday) I’m going to post his best highlights from last season instead.

Source: B/R