Ignore the Sign, Garry Harris’ ankles were “broken” by Dwight Buycks

If you hung around for the for the 4th quarter of the Nuggets beatdown on the Lakers then you were treated to one of the best highlights of the night courtesy of Dwight Buycks and Gary Harris’ ankles. ┬áThe ankle breaking move, which happened right in front of a sign for the film ‘Unbroken’ was so nasty that even the Gary’s teammates almost celebrated the play.

The other great moment in this play happens at the 17 second mark right when Harris starts his fall and you can clearly hear someone yelling what many of us said on the initial viewing: GOD DAMN!

Here’s the full highlights of the new Laker who probably have no idea who he is. He finished with an impressive 15 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists in 33 minutes off the bench for the Lin-less Lakers.