Andre Iguodala Hits a game-winning Three-Pointer at the Buzzer to give the Warriors their 8th win in a row

Andre Iguodala might not be a member of the Splash Brothers, who have made more 3 pointers than the entire roster of Bulls, Bobcats and Grizzlies, but he’s just as deadly from beyond the arc when left open and during clutch moments.  The Hawks discovered that last night when they watched Iggy bury a 3 pointer at the buzzer to give the Warriors a 1 point win and their 8th win in a row.

“Every part of that play worked because everybody ran like they were going to get the ball,” Iguodala said. “The defense had to stay honest and pick their poison.”

“We defended the initial action pretty well,” Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer said. “Steph Curry demands a lot of attention. We got the ball out of his hands, and then they made a tough shot. It’s a credit to Iguodala, a credit to Curry for making the pass.”

It’s only fitting that on a night where the Warriors struggled from downtown (6-27) and Steph was only 1 of 7 that the Warriors would win on a 3 pointer.   What makes the shot even more incredible is that Iguodala was 0-2 from 3 and only had 4 points in the game before making the game winner.



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