Iguodala says he “had a better shot at Halle Berry” than UA had with Durant


Halle Berry or Hallelujah!

One of the hottest topics that caused a lot of Twitter arguments this weekend was Kevin Durant’s decision to stay with Nike. The mostly negative comments about Under Armour caused KD to address an angry fan that Durant doesn’t know “from a can a $hit” to Steph Curry and an ESPN writer  to exchange some tweets and for Nike endorser Andre Iguodala to tell Under Armour endorser Kent Bazemore what type of odds UA actually had with KD by saying he “had a better shot at Halle Berry!”

The funny thing is I think Iggy has a pretty good shot at Halle Berry.  She likes younger guys, she likes athletes and she’s known to be pretty unstable so I don’t see why the always well dressed and smooth Iggy wouldn’t have a shot.

In honor of Halle, who was in 2 o f my favorite films (Monster’s Ball & The Last Boyscout), here’s one of my favorite hallelujah moments.



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