Iguodala Throws Behind The Back Pass To Steph “Always Ready To Shoot Even When He’s On The Bench” Curry

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Here’s your first Shaqtin’ a Fool play of the season. It comes from the Warriors and Raptors game and no it does not involve new Warrior JaVale McGee. The play happened near the end of the first quarter when Steph Curry confused Andre Iguodala by jumping up and down from the bench as if he was calling for the ball. Iggy threw him a behind-the-back pass and Curry caught and shot the ball, which should have went to a wide-open Kevin Durant.

Curry’s 3-point shot wasn’t any better during his 17 minute of playing time, he was just 1 of 5 from 3 while KD was 1 of 4 and Klay 4 of 11.