“I’m Back.” The Retro Room Podcast on the 25th Anniversary of MJ’s Comeback!

Players in this post:
Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen

On ‘The Retro Room’, Randy Cruz and Joe Cruz celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Michael Jordan’s comeback to the NBA in 1995.

They revisit his 1993 NBA Finals performance, his retirement in 1993, his sneaker game in 1995, wearing the number 45, Scottie Pippen’s underrated 1994 season, the NBA landscape in 1994 & 1995, the ‘I’m Back’ memo on March 18, the lead up to the comeback against Indiana on March 19, the ‘Double Nickel’ game vs the Knicks on March 28, the 1995 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals vs the Magic and more.

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