Iman Shumpert Releases Cavs 2015 Playoff Anthem Rap Song “The Offs”

“It’s so easy to get open when you run with the King”

Check out Iman Shumpert’s new joint – a Cavs Playoff Anthem titled “The Offs” which shouts out all of his teammates and will probably be the only rap song that will ever name drop Dellavedova.

The track is produced by @DevonMack and is it me or does Shump kind of sound like Spice 1 (I’m huge fan of Spice’s early work in the 90s so that’s not a put down).

Anyways. Lucky for Shumpert he’s on a great team that actually has a great shot at winning the title instead of still being in New York and making an update to this freestyle – love the Kanye Walk.

One more Spice 1 classic….