Iman Shumpert Releases Cavs 2015 Playoff Anthem Rap Song “The Offs”

“It’s so easy to get open when you run with the King”

Check out Iman Shumpert’s new joint – a Cavs Playoff Anthem titled “The Offs” which shouts out all of his teammates¬†and will probably be the only rap song that will ever name drop Dellavedova.

The track is produced by @DevonMack and is it me or does Shump kind of sound like Spice 1 (I’m huge fan of Spice’s early work in the 90s so that’s not a put down).

Anyways. Lucky for Shumpert he’s on a great team that actually has a great shot at winning the title instead of still being in New York and making an update to this freestyle – love the Kanye Walk.

One more Spice 1 classic….