Iman Shumpert: Top 10 Plays 13-14 + Season Highlights

Players in this post:
Iman Shumpert

I say “But Iman” a lot. When people go off on the Knicks I usually say “But Iman is one of my favorite players in the league…and so is JR Smith.  When people say ballers shouldn’t rap I say “But Iman isn’t that bad…and Shaq’s albums were overall underrated.”  When people talk about old school trends I say “But Iman had one of the best flatops in NBA history…until he shaved it this season.”  When people talk about mermaids (because mermaids always come up in conversations) I say “But Iman found one in Aruba.”

I think you get the point. I’m a fan of Iman Shumpert and he’s been supporting us for a long time so it was great to see put together this top 10 video of our favorite Knick that we can’t wait to see back on the court.

IMAN shump1-529x1024


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