Iman Shumpert with the pregame between the legs dunk – Travis Outlaw likes it!

Most people probably don’t remember this but Iman Shumpert was on the original list of participants in the 2012 NBA dunk contest aka The Gimmick to the Extremes Dunk Contest with Chase “friends with Puffy” Budinger, Paul “glowing” George and Jeremy “dunk champ” Evans. Evans was actually Shumpert’s replacement and at the time the reason why so many people were upset was because this All-Star game was all about Linsanity and Jeremy Lin was going to assist Shump in the dunk contest.

Obviously Shump’s knee is better and his hops are back as evident by the above between the legs preseason dunk that Travis Outlaw enjoyed.

He also brought some joy to the entire Knicks bench last night with the following dunk.

Since we are on the topic of dunking, check out this video of Shumpert dunking and being a dunk coach at last month’s 2014 Island Hoops Basketball Camp in St. Maarten.