In Defense Of Dwight Howard Making No Effort On Defense & Allowing This Dunk

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Dwight, that’s Kelly Oubre. Not a prime Kobe Bryant but Kelly Oubre! I’m not trying to disrespect the young Wizard because he was a Ballislife All-American, but watching Oubre dribble from the 3-point line and throw down a wide-open dunk because Dwight Howard didn’t want to challenge or at least foul him was just painful to watch. And as painful as it was for me to see the former 3 x Defensive Player Of The Year give Oubre an open lane, from the look on Dennis Scrhoder’s face, he was feeling it a lot more.

Now that I got that out, I’m going to try to defend (no pun intended) Dwight.

When Howard saw Oubre was wide-open for a three, he looked back to see where Gortat was so he could get the rebound. When he turned his head is when Oubre realized he should attack the rim. By the time Howard noticed, he was a little tangled up with Gortat and probably remembered he had five fouls and didn’t want to take the chance at getting his sixth. As for Schroder, he could have helped.

With that said, Dwight played just 28 minutes and finished the game with 5 points (2-3 fg, 1-4 ft), 10 boards and 1 block. I think he should have went for block #2 on Oubre. Maybe he was distracted by this guy.

And his performance in this year’s playoffs isn’t helping his hall of fame chances. Then again, I’ll agree with Richard Jefferson and just say, “people have gotten in with less.”