In The Paint: Discussing College Sports Postponements

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On Episode 76 of the "In The Paint" Show, co-hosts Ronnie Flores and Devin Ugland go in on the recent news of the cancellations and postponements of two Power Five college football conferences: The Pac-12 and the Big Ten. In light of this news, the fellas also break down how this could affect recruiting across the country, early enrollees and the upcoming college basketball season.

It's part of our ongoing discussion surrounding high school and college sports during the pandemic. It's not a topic we want to keep hashing out, but it affects every aspect of sports and it's not going away.

Ron and Dev welcome on guests Matt Moreno (University of Arizona beat writer) and Adam Grosbard (USC beat writer) to give us an inside look at what went on behind the scenes to lead to the postponement.

Did the Pac-12 and Big 10 get out ahead of the curve with their announcements? Will they look smart because there is no way the SEC and other Power 5 conferences will be able to complete a fall season? What will be the dynamics if those other conferences are able to complete a season?

The fellas and their guests also discuss the fallout of non-revenue sports, why the cancellations may have been a big relief for some conferences in light of players wanting to unionize and discuss the possibilities of football actually being played in the spring. Can you imagine the Rose Bowl going on as the same time as the NCAA Tournament!

Ron and Dev also discuss the NBA Bubble and the Lakers' woes, who's hot and who's not, and offer some advice to parents and players looking to make moves for the upcoming 2020-21 high school basketball season.

Also, be sure to check out Ron & Dev's latest piece on our site, describing how the altered high school seasons impact current high school prospects and how those same prospects can be sure to stay on the radar of college coaches.


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