"In The Paint" Podcast GOES IN on AAU Blame Game for Load Management!

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In episode No. 46 of our  "In The Paint Show,"  co-hosts Devin Ugland and Ronnie Flores go hard on plenty of current topics with a focus on the ever-controversial "Load Management" that is the talk of basketball on all levels. The fellas also finessed other pressing topics such as:

• The report card on the NCAA's freshman class (it's a passing grade but not an "A")
• The James Wiseman situation. What does it mean that the Wiseman's lawyers withdrew its lawsuit against the NCAA? What will the compromise be?
• Speaking of Wiseman and the 2020 NBA Draft, what are the New York Knicks doing with their rosters and embattled coach Dave Fizdale?
• Progress report on the Lakers and Clippers with Kawhi Leonard taking a key "Load Management" vs. Eastern Conference contender Milwaukee Bucks.

Ron and Dev GO HARD on LeBron James' recent comments in a Yahoo Sports story placing blame with regards to "Load Management" on AAU coaches and them, "not caring about the kids." The fellas adamantly disagree with James' statement two-fold. First, is generalizing grassroots coaches when it comes to kids and not helping them or caring about them overall. It's simply not true based on the long list of evidence we see on a weekly basis. Second, we give our informed opinions of the Load Management phenomenon and the root cause of it, including single-sports specialization at a young age, proper rest and recovery, parental decisions, and the misnomer that all NBA players are great athletes or built to play in the NBA over the long haul (which is often confused with jumping high or having other athletic attributes strictly suited for basketball).

For more insight on our Load Management stance and how it applies to youth sports, please listen in to episode No. 35, where we break down ESPN senior writer Baxter Holmes' explosive story on youth single-sports specialization and the danger it possesses.

To learn more about our hosts, Ronnie Flores and Devin Ugland, and to get more information about what "In The Paint" is all about, check out our intro below!


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