In The Paint Show: Updated State of HS, Grassroots & NBA Hoops, Plus Final Thoughts on The Last Dance!

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On Episode 68 of our In The Paint Podcast, co-hosts Ronnie Flores and Devin Ugland take a closer look at the when, where and how of the return of grassroots and high school basketball. Some states are moving more quickly than others in reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic, so what will the prep sports landscape look like come fall and winter?

The guys then segue to the NBA continuing to take steps toward restarting its season with potential ideas floating around on social media. What's feasible and what's unrealistic? Should the NBA go straight to the postseason with the 16 qualifying teams? Or should the league attempt to play out its remaining schedule? Will the 2020 champion have an asterisk next to its name?

Lastly, Ron and Dev discuss episodes nine and ten of The Last Dance and give the six things they learned from the docuseries, which you can also read about here.


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