Incredible layup by Magic Johnson in 1985 + Always Showtime Full Movie

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Earvin Johnson

It’s not often you will come across a post or article focusing on 1 play by Magic Johnson that shows him making a shot that’s not a game winner or a half-court buzzer beater but this layup was worth watching a couple of times…especially since the quality is so bad it required repeated viewings.  Shout out to BigPartys15 for the footage. He’s made some of my favorite vintage mixes over the past few years.

For memorabilia and sportscard collectors, I also had the pleasure of coming across and buying a mint copy of the first VHS printing of Magic Johnson’s “Always Showtime” at a local Half Price Bookstore for 99 cents this past weekend.  It even still contained the sealed Skybox promo card that kids were stealing from the VHS in stores in the early 90s.  The card alone goes for up to $30 on Ebay.  For those who haven’t seen the video here’s it is in it’s entirety.

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