Injured JR Smith Had To Be Held Back By Security After Rodney McGruder Pushed Channing Frye

Cavs fans who bought tickets to watch LeBron and the Cavs in Miami on Saturday were pretty pissed when they found out LeBron and Kyrie Irving would be “resting.” Without the duo, the Heat blew out the Cavs by 28 and  the Cavs’ top scorer was 6th Man Channing Frye with 21.

Frye was also at the center of some end of the game action. With about a minute left in regulation, Heat rookie Rodney McGruder threw down a putback dunk over Frye and celebrated with a little push in the back. Frye’s injured teammate JR Smith, got off the bench and had some words with McGruder.

The always ready-for-drama Dion Wiaters then exchanged some sweet nothings with Smith and Kyrie Irving as players and security tried to keep the peace after the final buzzer.

“We got J.R. off the floor,” said Coach Tyronn Lue. “He’s fiery. He’s feisty. He’s ready to get back on the floor. It happens throughout the course of a game. It’s nothing, though.”

Frye also didn’t want to make a big deal out of the commotion.

“I guess there were some extracurriculars,” he said. “Tempers flared. It is what it is. It’s over now. The game’s over. They won. Congrats. We play another game on Monday. It’s all good.”

Well, although the last second action was a little exciting, I’m not sure a lot of fans would say it was worth the price of admission. They paid to see two of the most All-Stars in the world and what they got was the Channing Frye show…and this move by Tyler Johnson on Frye.

Source: ESPN