This is the End! Insane OT finish to the Weber State-Sacramento State game

If you thought the ending of regulation in the Duke-Syracuse game was crazy (and it was) then here’s an end to end all ends.

Up by 1 with 7.8 seconds left in OT, Weber State gets called for a double tech.  After 4 free throws by Sacramento State, Weber is now down by 3.   They inbound the ball to Davion Berry who runs down the clock and then hits a difficult game-tying 3-pointer with 0.9 seconds left.  Double OT right?

Sacramento State in bounds the ball to Dylan Garrity who throws up a 75 foot shot that is nothing but net!

There’s only one thing that could have made this ending more over the top.

Here’s the ending to the Syracuse Duke game mentioned earlier as well as Justin Cobb of Cal hitting the game winner over #1 Arizona.



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