Insane game-winning windmill poster dunk in OT at Globetrotters game

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Gerald Green TJ Ford

Staged or not, i’m satisfied. Ever since seeing Gerald Green miss a windmill dunk attempt on a 7 footer at the TJ Ford H-Town shootout in 2012, I’ve been begging to see a windmill poster dunk. There’s been a few nice amateur ones (see Taeewild below) on Vine and Instagram since but nothing in a game.

Enter Hawk and the Harlem Globetrotters. The Globies don’t get enough credit for their highlights but with a roster that includes Hawk and dunk phenoms like Chris Staples, you are bound to see a crazy dunk here and there.  On this night, I might have just witnessed the greatest dunk in Globetrotter history as Hawk completed a windmill poster dunk to win a game in OT.

If you haven’t been following the Globies over the past few years, here’s a couple crazy dunks you missed featuring a guy who doesn’t have to leave the ground to dunk and a guy who brought the whole basket down to the ground on a dunk.