Interesting Facts about Dennis Rodman...the scorer / 34pts & 23rebs

I was in that group that always believed Rodman belonged in the hall of fame when many people disagreed but the stage of his career where most people praise (cross dressing Bulls era) is the stage where I started to have doubts.  When he was in Detroit he wasn't  just a sure thing to get 15-20 rebounds but he could get you a double double and 15+ pts easily if he wanted to.   Keep in mind those 15+ points would come on teams that had instant O players like Adrian Dantley, Isiah Thomas, Vinnie Johnson, Mark Aguirre and Joe Dumars with first dibs shooting the ball and even Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn would occasionally drop 20.

I don't know if Rodman could of consistently averaged 20 & 10 in his early days but how many players have had multiple 30/20 games in recent memory that wasn't a dominant AllStar center or forward in the league? So what led me to write up this mini tribute to the Worm is this list of Rodman facts I found on a forum.

  • Averaged 11.6 PPG his 2nd year in the league
  • Never averaged 1 SPG or 1 BPG at any point in his career
  • In his last 2 seasons as a Piston, made 47 of his 82 career three pointers
  • Led the league in FG% in 1989 with 59.5%
  • Dennis' teams were 123-36(.774) when he grabbed 20+ rebounds
  • Won Player of the Month in January 1992 while averaging 20.7 RPG
  • Averaged less than 10 RPG for his career in the playoffs
  • Outside of 1999, never shot less than 50% at the foul line
  • Despite leading the NBA in rebounding 7x(all consecutive) and winning 2 DPOY's, made the All-Star team only 2x
  • From 1988-1992, Dennis didn't miss a single game

The stat that probably stands out the most is him averaging 12 points in his 2nd year and making 47 of 82 3 pointers in his last seasons as a Piston.  If you remember in the Bulls day, he would occasionally shoot a 3 pointer at the end of a blowout and then everybody, Rodman included, would celebrate like it wasn't supposed to go in. That was just part of the show.

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For those that didn't know about the potential Rodman had as a double double machine check out these stats from his first few years in the league.

  • 1.24.88:  30pts, 18rebs, 2blks
  • 2.18.89:  32pts, 21rebs, 3blks, 2stls (8-10 ft)
  • 1.2.90:  34pts, 23rebs (15-21 fg)
  • 11.12.91:  20pts, 13rebs, (2-3 3pt)
  • 12.13.91:  2opts, 25rebs, 3stls, 2blks
  • 1.28.92:  16pts, 32rebs 13pt
  • 2.18.92:  18pts, 27rebs, 5ast, (2-3 3pt)
  • 2.27.92:  16pts, 22rebs, 4ast, (2-2 3pt)
  • 3.4.92:  10pts 34 rebs (18 offensive boards)
  • 3.18.92: 16pts, 25rebs
  • 12.9.92:  10pts, 22rebs (3-4 3pt)
  • 3.26.92: 18pts, 25rebs, 4ast, 2blks
I might have to follow up this post with a Rodman the triple double threat with the Bulls but that's for another day
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