Internet Reacts To Klay Thompson Saying Marijuana Should Never Be Used Recreationally

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Steve Kerr Klay Thompson

What’s more awesome than watching Klay Thompson drink a beer or make a paper airplane during a postgame conference? How about hearing him say marijuana shouldn’t be used recreationally, when asked about Steve Kerr’s recent comments about using pot.

“Steve’s open-minded, and obviously with the way the world’s going, if there’s anything you can do that’s medicinal, people are all for it, especially when there’s stuff like Crohn’s disease out there, glaucoma, a bunch of stuff, cancer,” Thompson said. “But not recreational, that should not be of its use ever. There’s a medicinal side to it that people are finding out have benefits, especially people with really high pain.”

What makes this comment so amusing is Klay, aka “Big Smokey,” who listed Bob Marley and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony as his favorite musicians, was arrested for marijuana possession back in 2011 at WSU, leading to a one game suspension.