The Internet Unfairly (Hilariously) Roasted Steph Curry For Missing 9 Half Court Shots For Craig Sager

The best  moment of All-Star weekend was when Ernie Johnson and Reggie Miller honored the late great Craig Sager by pulling a few pro players (James Harden, DeMar DeRozan, Candace Parker) and celebs (Anthony Anderson, Michael B. Jordan, DJ Khaled) from the crowd to participate in the Sager Shootout; Every time one of the participants knocked down a three, $10,000 was donated to the Sager Strong Foundation. After a minute of shooting, the group, including DJ Khaled, raised $130,000, which was still $370,000 short of their goal. So, Ernie Johnson calls out 2 x MVP Steph Curry and tells him if he makes a half-court shot then they will reach their goal of half a million dollars.

No pressure right? He’s cold, wearing jeans and it’s a freaking half-court shot.

Curry, not surprisingly, missed all nine of his attempts and the internet unfairly but hilariously roasted him for it.