Introducing the Sneakerbox Safe | The Mandem Safe


You can now turn all your empty shoeboxes into a one of a kind safe.

Available December 15th only on The Mandem Safe website.

​This project started life as a clever bit of photoshopping back in July.

Since then the two man team behind the safe have spent their weekends and evenings making their way through lots of prototypes, and lots of shoeboxes, getting the safe inch perfect.

The Mandem Safe has been hand-crafted in the UK and finished in matt black. It has a protective foam lined interior floor and pre-drilled holes in base to secure the safe to the floor.

It has two locking positions, using discreet matt black locks that nestle neatly inside the semi circle holes on either side of your Nike shoebox.

The safe is initially being released as a limited run of 100 on the 15th December from 1pm (GMT) complete with a signed certificate of authenticity from the founders.

The Mandem Safe team will be extending their range in 2017, offering versions to fit Air Jordan shoeboxes too.

There will also be customisation options for those looking for something more unique.