Is Kyle Lowry heading to Miami in a sign-and-trade deal?

The Miami Heat were able to make LeBron a little happy last night by acquiring point guard Shabazz Napier – “LeBron’s favorite player in the draft.”

The Miami Heat are reportedly also trying to upgrade that point guard spot that Mario Chalmers struggled (might be an understatement) filling during the playoffs with the acquisition of Kyle Lowry from the Toronto Raptors.  According to Bleacher Report’s Rick Bucher, the Raptors are looking to do a sign-and-trade deal that would send Lowry to South Beach for cash and future picks.  He also mentioned that Bosh could opt out and come home (hold on, will Drake sing it to him) to Toronto.

In a recent interview with the Basketball Insiders, the underrated Lowry said,

“I think the right situation is somewhere I’m winning and being happy, and honestly I want to play for a championship.I’m happy with making the playoffs and doing that, but the end game for all players should be a championship and that’s what I want to play for. I want to play for a championship.”

This sounds like the making of a great story and plan to keep LeBron happy and in Miami but who knows. As for Lowry, it does seem like he will end up playing somewhere else (back to Houston where he can make more money than he would with the Heat) and who knows where (LA?) but I do know where Kyle Lowry will be this weekend and he won’t be playing because he’s going to be coaching.

Lowry will be at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Lousiville this weekend to coach a team of local ballers against the Ballup Streetball team.  James Harden and Gilbert Arenas were the guest coaches last week in LA.


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