Is Playing In Summer Pro-Am Leagues A Bad Idea For NBA Players?

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Last year, LeBron James, speaking on behalf of many other NBA players, said there’s too many games during a regular season. It’s an opinion shared by many non-players. including Bill Simmons, who wondered if NBA players were playing too hard now compared to the 80s when players would “causally” played D for most of the game. Combine those games with the playoffs, international games like the Olympics and summer pro-am leagues and some guys are pretty much playing competitive ball all year long but only getting paid for half of it – although their performances in the summer games helps their marketing value.

ESPN’s Hendry Abbot and David Thorpe of TrueHoop TV recently discussed this topic while asking if playing in Summer Pro-Am Leagues – the Drew League, Seattle Pro-Am, Goodman, Rucker Park, etc – a bad idea for the players and the NBA.

Not discussed in this video, but worthy of discussing when talking about wear and tear on NBA players is the amount of games they played in – mainly via AAU games – before they even made it to the league.

So what do you think: Are leagues like the Drew and Seattle Pro-Am a bad idea?