Isaiah Briscoe Series Episode 2: Pressure Is Not In My Vocabulary

Check out the latest episode of “They Ain’t Come From Where I Come From” about future Kentucky Wildcat Isaiah Briscoe aka Must See TV.

The beginning of the must see video, titled “Pressure is not in my vocabulary,” starts with Briscoe telling a story about an emotional game dunk (motherf**ker!) he dedicated to his his sister’s boyfriend who recently passed away.  The video then follows Briscoe to the Jordan Brand and McDonalds All-American games, senior night and then to the Tournament of Champions where he led his Roselle Catholic team to a championship.

I have an amusing story to add to the video about delivering under pressure. Briscoe also competed in our All-American game and was the winner of the 3-Point contest.  In the first round, Briscoe was so hot that he stopped shooting after the 3rd rack to put the pressure on the other contestants.  He advanced to the finals, won it and declared himself “the best 3-point shooter in the country.”

I guess pressure isn’t in his vocab.